Sunday, March 29, 2015

Fried Cabbage with Apples and Onions

When I was first married and St. Patrick's Day came around, I always made corned beef from a can (the kind with the little key that came glued to the can) along with boiled cabbage and potatoes.  Years later I received a bread machine for a gift and started making Irish soda bread for the occasion as well.  That was a hit and remains on the menu to this day.  The canned corned beef, however, has given way to slow cooking a real corned beef brisket.  I still boil red potatoes with the skins on them and then season them.

Perhaps the biggest change has been in the cabbage.  I now fry the cabbage (no one in the family was really fond of the boiled cabbage).  This year I tried to add to the "green" theme and added an onion and chopped Granny Smith apple to it.  Olivia said she thought the apple added a nice sweetness to the dish.  The result was a very popular one and something I think I will make more often--even if it isn't St. Patrick's Day.

Fried Cabbage with Apples and Onions
Melt 1/2 to 2/3 stick of butter in a frying pan.
Add one medium chopped onion and one small head or 1/2 large head of chopped green cabbage. Chop one Granny Smith apple and place it on top of the cabbage and onion.
Put a lid on the pan and wait a few minutes until you stir it.  This will allow the pieces on the bottom to brown slightly (that is the really yummy part).
Take the lid off and continue stirring until you get more browned pieces and everything is tender.  Add salt and pepper to taste.  Enjoy!


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  2. This sounds delicious. It's on my "must try" list!

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