Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Today several people shared with me how they celebrated Valentine's Day.  One person was presented with her favorite (somewhat expensive) chocolates and a nice bracelet by her husband.  Another made a favorite recipe for her daughter.  Yet another took her recently widowed mother to the restaurant where she and her husband had always celebrated Valentine's Day.  Although it was different dining with her daughter and her family, bittersweet memories mixed with new memories of family love sustained.  What struck me with these stories was the tie between food and love.  It didn't depend on whether the food was expensive or cheap, homemade or restaurant fare.  What did matter was the memories of love and laughter that were made and the way food underscored all of it.  Food marks the milestones of our lives and punctuates it with glorious touch, smell, and taste.  I've always found it magical how certain encounters with food can instantly take us to a memorable place and time.  If your Valentine is alive or passed, near or far away, I hope this Valentine's Day enveloped you in love...the kind that lasts a lifetime and beyond. 

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  1. Well said, and how true. Will give this some thought. Thx for the insight.