Monday, January 2, 2017


Olivia and I hope you and your family had a fun, happy, and healthy holiday season.  We had an excellent time visiting Gatlinburg, TN during the week of Christmas.  If you heard about the wildfires that devastated the area and took the lives of fourteen people, you may wonder why we went there.  It is a family tradition and, quite frankly, there was no other place we would rather have been.  There is still much to see and do there and the people who rely so heavily on tourism would love to see you. Consider a trip there.  

Even though the holiday has passed, we still have leftover honey baked ham and there is always the challenge of finding unique ways to use what is left.  I found this great recipe at  The original recipe called for granny smith apple, dijon mustard, and brie cheese.  I substituted a gala apple I had, left out the mustard because my husband doesn't like it, and used pepper jack cheese because that is what I had on hand.  It turned out great.  I am thinking you could do this same ring using a variety of substitutions like taco meat with refried beans and cheese, or a chicken version with yummy things you like.  It is a great and easy recipe.

2 rolls of crescent rolls arranged on a greased cookie sheet around a bowl with wide ends overlapping
chopped ham (enough to go around the ring)
dijon mustard spread thinly around the inside of the ring
one carmelized onion
one granny smith apple peeled and sliced thinly
brie cheese cover the other ingredients arranged around the bowl

Remove the bowl after all the ingredients are arranged on the dough.
Fold the dough points in and pinch in the enter to keep melted cheese from coming out.
Place the ring in a 350 degree preheated over for 30 minutes.  Remove and slide onto a serving plate.

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