Sunday, December 20, 2015

Christmas Tree Fruit and Cheese Tray

Christmas Tree Fruit and Cheese Tray
The office Christmas carry in was looming large on the horizon and I was grappling with what to take.  I was aiming for something quasi healthy since I have health issues that prohibit me from eating much sugary sweet stuff (although I love it).  I saw something similar to this online and decided to make my version of a fruit and cheese tray using cut up cubes of colby, cheddar, and pepper jack cheese plus green and red seedless grapes.  I decided to outline mine with cut strips of string cheese so the whole thing wouldn't be dismantled by the time I got it to the office.  I also decided to make my "star" from clementine segments.  The version I saw online decorated the tree with sprigs of rosemary, but I substituted sprigs of thyme.  All I have to do is supply some toothpicks for serving and I'm done.  Simple, easy, fun, and pretty....all the basic criteria met.

Olivia and I wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  May the coming days be filled with hope, laughter, and joy.


  1. Just lovely! One of my new daughters-in-law made something similar with meats and cheeses for Thanksgiving in the shape of a! This is too pretty to eat. Wishing you a blessed Christmas and safe travels!