Sunday, July 21, 2013

Fresh from the Garden Salsa

This is the time of year gardeners love.  Every serious gardener talks about the joy of making the daily trek to the garden to see what is ripe and what is ready for picking.  Olivia and I are no different.  Filling your pockets with cherry tomatoes and hoping your hands can hold the rest of what you've found is a thrill.  Today I spied one ripe cherry tomato and couldn't wait to start picking up stems of the tomato plants looking for more ripe gems.

The other day Olivia made the trip to her garden and came back with ingredients for a quick, fresh salsa.  The ingredients were few and simple, but boy or boy were they good.  She shared some of it with me and the taste was unbelievable fresh and bright.  Experiment with the goodies that come from your garden.  It is hard to go wrong with the wonderful taste of nature's own goodness.  Enjoy!


From Olivia's garden in her backyard:
* 2 ripe tomatoes
* 2 small red onions
* 2 serano peppers (Tame this down if you don't want a really spicy salsa!)
* small bunch of cilantro

From the store:
* pinch of Kosher salt
*  tablespoon or so of lime juice

Pulse all ingredients in a small mini chopper or a food processor.  Serve with tortilla chips and enjoy!!!

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